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Can GoChi Improve Athletic Performance?

GoChi – Human clinical studies participants reported experiencing improved athletic performance and increased antioxidant protection!

In a recent human clinical trial featured in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (JACM), participants drinking a daily serving of just 4 ounces (120 ml) of GoChi reported significantly enhanced athletic performance in as little as 14 days! The study participants also reported experiencing improvements in several aspects of health that are considered to be essential for athletic success. These include:

  • Increased energy

  • Less fatigue

  • Sharper mental acuity

  • Increased focus and concentration

  • Better quality of sleep

In yet another randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study, blood tests on participants drinking GoChi showed highly significant increases in blood levels of the important antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase. This was accompanied by a corresponding reduction in serum levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), a prime indicator of free-radical damage and a known health risk factor.

These studies illustrate FreeLife’s ongoing commitment to lead the nutrition industry in clinical research, product efficacy, and evidence-based product formulation.

Drink GoChi, and you’ll always be a winner!

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Finding the Competitive Edge

Winning athletes will tell you that nothing beats the exhilaration of competition, and that’s just as true for weekend golfers as it is for elite Olympians. Even a workout in the gym is an athletic contest: after all, you can only make gains by bettering your own personal best.

We’re all looking for a competitive edge, and that’s why successful athletes train as hard as they do. And yet, you might be surprised to learn that there are many things that may be preventing you from reaching peak athletic performance. These include:

Poor nutrition – There’s a large body of evidence showing a relationship between diet and athletic performance, yet many athletes make poor food choices based on misinformation. For example, many people feel athletes need a high-protein diet to support muscle growth despite the fact that
researchers have repeatedly proved this false. The body tends to convert excess protein into body fat, and that’s the last thing an athlete wants. Only strength training and exercise will promote changes in muscle, and a well-balanced diet will serve the needs of most active people.

Insufficient hydration – Water is the most important, yet over-looked, nutrient by athletes. Water and fluids are essential to maintaining good hydration and body temperature. Sweat losses to keep the body cool can exceed several liters in a 1-hour period.

Inadequate sleep – Adequate sleep is critical for athletic recovery, as the body’s maintenance and repair functions occur mainly at night. An ongoing Stanford University study has shown that a little more high-quality sleep can result in dramatic improvements in athletic performance, mood, and alertness.

Low energy and poor stamina – Everyone runs out of energy sooner or later, but the best athletes are able to fight through fatigue to reach that “second wind.”

Impaired focus and concentration – Athletic competition is both mentally and physically challenging. Great athletes learn to tune out distractions by sharpening their focus and concentration.

Free-radical damage – Working muscles generate large quantities of harmful free radicals that, if left unchecked, can cause premature aging of the body’s healthy cells. This is why it is essential for athletes to maintain high blood levels of the body’s own protective antioxidants superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase.

Here are some tips that can help you to reach peak

  • Follow a balanced athletic conditioning program to
    build strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, core development,
    and resistance to injury.

  • Eat a sensible and balanced diet.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Drink 4 ounces (120 ml) of GoChi every day!

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GoChi – Human clinical study shows increased antioxidant power and reduced free-radical damage in just 30 days!

In a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, blood tests on participants drinking GoChi showed highly significant improvements in serum levels of the important endogenous antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase. This was accompanied by a corresponding reduction in blood levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), a prime indicator of free-radical damage and a known health risk factor.

This antioxidant study is yet another demonstration of the remarkable power of GoChi, and it illustrates FreeLife’s ongoing commitment to lead the nutrition industry in clinical research, product efficacy, and evidence-based product formulation.

So raise your glass, and you’ll soon be well on your way to raising your antioxidant power.

Turn On Your Body’s Antioxidant Power!

Everyone’s talking about the age-defying benefits of antioxidants, but do you know what antioxidants are—and how they actually work?

The U.S. Government’s Medline Plus database defines antioxidants as substances that help to protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food or by environmental sources such as tobacco smoke, radiation, and automobile exhaust. You even produce harmful free radicals when you exercise! Left unchecked, free radicals can damage or kill cells. They play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, and they can also contribute to the premature aging of your body and mind.

Fortunately, antioxidants can come to the rescue! The antioxidant process in your body is similar to stopping an apple from browning. Once you cut an apple, it begins to brown, but you can prevent discoloration by dipping each slice in lemon juice, which contains the antioxidant vitamin C.

Antioxidants are divided into two classes: the dietary antioxidants that you get from food, and the endogenous antioxidants that are made by the body. In addition to vitamin C, dietary antioxidants also include beta-carotene, vitamin E, selenium, and polyphenols such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, and xanthones. Polyphenols are found in some fruits and juices, and even though they may look impressive in antioxidant tests such as ORAC, those tests only measure antioxidant potential in a test tube. The truth is that most antioxidants in fruits and juices do not perform well in the human body because they are poorly absorbed and therefore remain trapped in the digestive tract, and this has been shown in important scientific studies.

We believe that it is far more meaningful to human health to maintain high serum levels of the body’s own endogenous antioxidants, namely superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase. These vital antioxidant enzymes circulate in the blood throughout the entire body to neutralize all types of free radicals before they can do harm.

Here are some tips for increasing your body’s antioxidant power to help prevent premature aging:

1. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” These words of wisdom are from Michael Pollan’s remarkable new book, In Defense of Food. His directives are simple, sensible, and to the point:

  • “Eat food” – Eat a wide variety of the kinds of natural and healthy foods that your grandparents ate, not today’s unhealthy processed or “engineered” foods that are loaded with salt, fat, or high-fructose corn syrup. The digestion and metabolism of processed foods can deplete your body’s vital endogenous antioxidants.
  • “Not too much” – The more calories you consume, the more free radicals you generate. Animal studies have shown that those that eat less live longer, healthier lives.
  • Mostly plants” – Plant-based foods are healthier and put far less oxidative stress on the body. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, and nuts also contain beneficial phytonutrients that can contribute to health and well-being.

2. Drink 4 ounces (120 ml) of GoChi every day!

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What's so Special About GoChi Juice? Just the FAQ's

Since Freelife unvailed Himalayan GoChi Juice, there have been a lot of questions. Here are the GoChi Facts from Freelife. Since Freelife first brought Himalayan Goji Juice to market, yes they were first, many others have followed. So Freelife upped the game, releasing Himalayan GoChi Juice with at least 30% more LBPs (the active ingredient) than Himalayan Goji Juice. And to further go out onto a limb the back up the claim of GoChi's benefits by releasing a study scientifically demonstrated to deliver results in just 14 days. How cool is that. Now you can try the juice for 90 days risk free, since freelife offers a 90 day unconditional, empty bottle, money back guarantee! Read on. . .

How is GoChi different from Himalayan Goji Juice?

GoChi was developed as a direct result of FreeLife's worldwide research efforts, and represents the next generation of Himalayan Goji Juice. It contains all the goodness of our original juice and much more! GoChi is scientifically demonstrated to deliver results in just 14 days; it contains at least 30% more LBPs than Himalayan Goji Juice; it is preservative free; is certified kosher and halal for our Jewish and Muslim friends respectively; and has been preferred in taste tests to our already delicious Himalayan Goji Juice.

Should I change my monthly advantage order from Himalayan Goji Juice to GoChi?

If you want the most scientifically advanced goji product on the market that contains at least 30% more polysaccharides than Himalayan Goji Juice, is preservative free, and tastes great, then you should switch your order. GoChi is also certified kosher and halal.

Why does GoChi cost more than Himalayan Goji Juice?

GoChi is more costly to produce than our original Himalayan Goji Juice.

When can I expect to see results with GoChi?

In a recent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial, the use of just 4 ounces daily of GoChi resulted in significant health and wellness benefits in 13 important categories in 14 days. This has been termed "The GoChi Effect." Although your results may vary, the findings of this study are consistent with the results that we hear from our Customers.

What is The GoChi Effect?

The GoChi Effect is the term that represents the 13 health benefits experienced by the participants in FreeLife's double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, clinical study on GoChi.

What is halal?

Halal is an Arabic term that means that food is permissible under Islamic law.

Does GoChi contain preservatives?
GoChi is preservative free.

Where is GoChi available for purchase?

Currently, GoChi is available for purchase in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada and will begin shipping by January 31. Additional countries will follow as the proper governmental approvals are received.

Are the commission point values for GoChi the same as Himalayan Goji Juice?

Yes. Both GoChi and have the same point values: 500 points for a Value Pack, 100 points for a case of four, and 25 points for a bottle.

Do GoChi and Himalayan Goji Juice taste and look the same?

The products have a similar look and taste, but in blind taste tests, GoChi has been preferred over our already delicious Himalayan Goji Juice. The fresher taste and aroma of GoChi are a result of advances in our manufacturing process.

Will GoChi be sold in a case of four bottles like Himalayan Goji Juice?

Yes. Both Himalayan GoChi Juice and Himalayan Goji Juice will be sold as a case of four bottles for 100 points.

Is the bottle size the same for GoChi and Himalayan Goji Juice?

Yes. Both GoChi and Himalayan Goji Juice are sold in one-liter bottles (1.06 quarts).

Why is the juice called GoChi?

GoChi was named for the "go" in goji and chi, the ancient Chinese term for "vital life force."

With the emergence of GoChi, are you phasing out Himalayan Goji Juice?

No. We intend to provide Himalayan Goji Juice for as long as our Customers continue enjoying this excellent product.

Can I purchase a GoChi Value Pack?

Yes. GoChi Value Packs are available for purchase during a new Marketing Executive's first two months with FreeLife in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada for $674 USD and have all of the same benefits associated with the purchase of a Himalayan Goji Juice Value Pack. GoChi Value Packs will begin shipping by January 31.

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19 Benefits from Drinking GoChi Juice

It’s a very significant study. The Goji berry has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for it’s health promoting properties. In fact it’s the most potent health food that they know, and in recent years it’s gotten tremendous popularity around the world. Especially in the form of Goji juice products. But lately some people have been calling into question just how effective it might be. And so as the company that introduced Goji to North America and to many others countries around the world, FreeLife wanted to put to rest any questions or any doubts about just how effective it is.

So we submitted the product to this vigorous randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, clinical study and the result was very significant. As far as we know this is the only Goji product in the world to have such a significant effect. It is the only way scientifically to be honest.

A group of researchers conducted a 14-day study which included 35 test subjects, divided into two groups. In the first group they gave them 4 ounces daily of the Goji berry product called GoChi. Then the other group which is called the placebo group received 4 ounces everyday of a product that looked and smelled and tasted just like GoChi but with one significant difference, it didn’t have any of the active ingredients called bioactive polysaccharides which are found in the real juice. Here’s the key, neither of the test groups knew whether they were taking the real juice or the fake juice. Even the scientists didn’t know which group was taking the real GoChi, and which one was taking the placebo. In the scientific world this is called a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, clinical study and it’s the gold standard for the highest level of clinical research.

It was a 14 day study and here are the 13 clinically proven benefits the researchers found.

1. Less Fatigue: The first thing they looked at was fatigue because fatigue has become a very common problem in modern society; in fact fatigue is the #1 complaint in doctors’ offices by patients. In the placebo group the ones that were not receiving the real GoChi juice, found that not only didn’t they get any relief from fatigue and they reported they actually felt a little bit down, whereas with the GoChi group they reported that they were having significant improvement with fatigue levels.

2. Increased Energy Levels: The next thing they looked at was energy levels throughout the day, and as you would expect based on the scores for the fatigue test, the group that was taking the placebo felt a slight decrease in their energy levels. But the GoChi group found they were experiencing an energy lift throughout the day. And it’s real important to know that GoChi doesn’t contain caffeine or any stimulants of any kind.

3. Athletic Performance: As far as athletic performance the placebo group saw no improvement in endurance or levels of ability. The GoChi group saw significant improvement in Athletic performance.

4. Reduction of Stress Levels and 5. Feelings of Calmness: Stress is one of the major contributors of people not feeling their best and all kinds of health problems. In the test the placebo group’s feelings of stress remained pretty much the same as they were before the test had started. But in the GoChi group they were feeling more of a sense of calm and they were really feeling de-stressed, which is important because you really can worry yourself sick and affect your overall health & wellness.

6. Sharper Mental Acuity and 7. Increased ability to focus: Researchers tested for mental acuity which is mental sharpness and the ability to focus. Once again with the placebo group they just didn’t see any improvements, but the GoChi Group reported feeling more sharp, more alert and more focused.

8. Feeling Healthier and 9. Feeling more content: People in the placebo group reported they didn’t feel any different than before, but the people in the GoChi group reported they were feeling both healthier and they were feeling more content.

10. Better Quality of Sleep and 11. Easier Ability to Wake Up: Some of the people who were taking the GoChi mentioned they were getting better sleep, so in the study design the research team decided that they were going to use scientific means of judging the quality of sleep. They also wanted to test the ease of awakening, because many things that can help you sleep can also leave you feeling groggy in the morning. The researchers were amazed by the results on this. The placebo group reported they felt no difference in their quality of sleep, but in the GoChi group 80% of the people reported they were sleeping with much better sleep quality and 70% said they were awakening feeling more refreshed. This is in itself an absolutely remarkable finding.

12. Feeling Happier: Goji has a legendary reputation in Chinese medicine as the “Happy Berry” so it was no surprise at all that during the course of the tests those who were drinking the real GoChi juice felt happier than those who were drinking the placebo.

13. Bowel Regularity: It was however a real surprise when researchers found that the GoChi group had better bowel regularity than those who were taking the placebo which reported no difference whatsoever.

Overall these 13 benefits of drinking GoChi are called “the GoChi Effect”. The results of this study are not really very surprising to many people because of the huge amount of experiential testimony from those drinking the original Himalayan Goji Juice over the last 4 years. Now with this clinical study we have not just the testimonial reports but scientific evidence of how this product can benefit people. Although individual results may vary, the findings of this study are consistent with the results that we hear from our Customers. No other Goji product in the world has this kind of scientific research! GoChi truly is the next generation of Himalayan Goji Juice!

For more information go to

The GoChi Effect

The GoChi Effect

Together, we call these 13 benefits The GoChi Effect.

One of the lead researchers from the University of California at Irvine, who is on our Scientific Board, noted that each one of these findings for the GoChi group was statistically significant, which in the scientific community means this study is on very solid ground with a confidence level between 90-99 percent! And he also found that the placebo group had no statistically significant difference in 12 out of the 13 areas tested. So there are two amazing ways to look at this study. One is that the GoChi group was far superior to the placebo group in all 13 areas. A second way to look at it is that the GoChi group had a statistically significant benefit in all 13 areas, while the placebo group had no statistically significant benefit in 12 out of 13 areas. In our sales aids, you will see that we will refer to these magnificent results in both ways.

We have already performed one controlled follow-up study which showed similar results. We are doing further follow-up studies which will be released in the future. This study was just released yesterday and we’re the first ones to announce it. As mentioned, it has recently been submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and we are expecting it to be released later this year.
I truly believe this product and this study puts us far ahead of the competition. Why? Because we have taken one of the most successful products in the history of Direct Sales and we have made it FAR, FAR more effective! We have taken the magic of the goji berry, the polysaccharides, and we have increased their levels by more than 30 percent over Himalayan Goji Juice. This is such a significant development because it is the standardization of our polysaccharides that make Himalayan Goji Juice so unique, and we have now taken that process to a whole new level with GoChi. It’s kind of like taking a world championship basketball team and adding to that team Michael Jordan in his prime years. You’re taking the best and making it infinitely better.

The Timing

With 17 years in the Direct Sales industry, I have never seen a company with four years of spectacular record growth then take their company and opportunity to an even higher level by radically improving itself so much. It’s truly unprecedented!

I believe GoChi will have a bigger impact on health worldwide than any product ever offered in Direct Sales.
It will allow our Marketing Executives to grow their businesses faster and larger than ever before.

It will allow us to attract more Customers and business builders than at any time during our history.

I believe this announcement will make 2008 our largest year ever, by a wide, wide margin, and it will help us achieve our goal of being a billion-dollar company in a shorter period of time than we ever imagined.

We are so excited because we’ve never seen a company poised and prepared for rapid growth like FreeLife is right now. I am both humbled and amazed when I think about how big this is going to be and realize what is going to happen over the next 12 months. Bigger, faster growth than ever before! More lives changed than ever before! It really is unprecedented in our industry. If I were an entrepreneur looking for a business-building opportunity, I would have a very hard time sleeping at night as I thought about the enormous possibilities of GoChi.

Think about what we are talking about here:

A company run by two co-founders who believe in this industry, believe in you, have an abundance mentality, and have a built-to-last philosophy.
A financially strong, rock solid, Inc. 500 company that has just announced one of the most important, results-oriented products ever seen our industry. And it’s still in PRE-LAUNCH! You are literally the first ones in the world hearing about it!

A company that has had 4 consecutive years of record growth and nearly 13 years of history behind it.

A pre-launch of a product that is already proven in the marketplace as one of the most successful nutritional products ever in our industry. But now, that product has been taken to a whole new level and improved radically, including a one-of-a-kind, clinical study demonstrating its effectiveness. And this product offers results unlike any product we have ever seen in our industry.

A compensation plan built around residual income that industry experts say is the most lucrative compensation plan they have ever seen.

A company that not only rewards its Leaders better than any company in Direct Sales, but also gives back to children around the world with our charitable-giving program GojiKids.

I can’t think of any entrepreneur that would not want to be a part of that. It’s a dream come true for us and for people around the world!

GoChi is Results Oriented!

One point I want to emphasize is how results-oriented this product is: only 4 ounces a day for 14 days, with 13 remarkable benefits.

Do you know of any person in the world who would not want to at least try a delicious-tasting juice for 14 days, with a 90-day money back guarantee, that had clinical research demonstrating that it could provide more energy; less fatigue; increased focus and mental acuity; improved athletic performance; reduced stress; increased feelings of calmness, contentment, happiness, and health; more regularity; better quality of sleep; and easier ability to awaken in the morning?

Is there any person who would not want all or some of these benefits? It’s probably fair to say that every person in the world would want those benefits.

The market for this product and opportunity is truly staggering. In the United States alone, we’re talking about a market of over 300 million adults and children. In all my years in Direct Sales, I have never seen an opportunity with such enormous potential.

Truly, we have put in place a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I believe will have a bigger impact on health and wealth worldwide than any company in the history of Direct Sales.

To learn more, about Himalayan GoChi Juice - Go to